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GiftYa App Review: Personalized eGifts

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The Review Wire: GiftYa App Overview

GiftYa is an app that allows you to send a personalized gift to almost any merchant in the U.S. that never loses value, and can’t be lost or stolen!

The GiftYa app allows you to send a gift of your choice to anyone. You can send a gift for anything from pet services to automotive services and restaurants.

Sending a gift with this app is made very simple. First, you select the city in which your recipient lives; in this case, I’ve chosen Chicago, Illinois. After the city selection, you choose which category of gift you would like to send, I’ve chosen the restaurants category. Here is where you select the name of the retailer or service provider that you’d like to use, I’ve chosen UNO’s Pizzeria. Once a retailer is selected, you are prompted to enter the recipient’s phone number. GiftYa will allow you to choose from a list of your existing contacts, or you can enter a new recipient directly into GiftYa. Once a contact is selected, you are prompted to enter a gift amount between $5.00 and $100.00.



GiftYa allows you to customize the gift you are sending, almost like a personal gift card. Some merchants have multiple images you can choose from to be on the inside of the gift, or you can insert your own photo or even add a video to personalize the gift further. After choosing the inner image, you can select an image for the outside of the gift to act as a wrapping paper when the recipient receives your gift.

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The Review Wire: GiftYa App - Personalization of the Inside Image The Review Wire: GiftYa App - Wrapper Choices

The final screen before ordering the gift is the delivery date and message screen. GiftYa allows you to schedule a gift to be sent at a later date, great for busy schedules! Once a date is selected, you are prompted to enter your message to the recipient, finalizing the gift selection process.

From here, the gift is added to your cart, and you can either select more gifts or proceed directly to checkout. You can pay with a Visa, Mastercard, and Plaid. Easy-peasy!

The Review Wire: GiftYa App - Personalization

A GiftYa can never be lost, stolen, or forgotten; unlike a gift card plus with the option to personalize, it makes every gift-giving experience a meaningful one! It is 100% free to sign up, receive, and use a GiftYa. Small processing charges are only incurred if you buy a GiftYa.

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    Sue E
    October 30, 2019 at 1:22 am

    This is an excellent app!! I am going to download it myself!
    I shared on Facebook and Pinterest! I love how everything thing is free except there is a small processing fee for gifts you buy for others. No more losing gift cards! The absolute other extras that I like are you are the creator of the designs etc. of this gift; which you can save snail mail on!! Giftya is my new giving app!! Thank you for sharing!

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