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Gain flings Video Review #LaundryRedefined #ad

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I like clean clothes, I mean, who wants to go through the hassle of actually doing the laundry only to have them come out with stains still on them? So a detergent that really gets the clothes clean is a must for anyone. What I look for in a detergent is one that makes and KEEPS my clothes smelling fresh and clean. I have been using the Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Gain brands for some time now. Not only do they get my clothes clean, but the scent lingers on my clothes. I have 3 boys all in sports and activities, so I need a product that can help de-stinkafy them!

Gain Flings


Gain flings! contains perfume technology, this enhanced perfume technology offers a more complete scent experience compared to Gain detergent and a scent experience not found in any other laundry pacs out there! 50% MORE perfume compared to Gain detergent releases more Gain scent during the wash cycle and when transferring washed clothes to the dryer or drying line AND 15% more perfume microcapsules compared to Gain detergent to provide more scent deposition out of the dryer and when folding, and longer-lasting scent during storage.

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My mother in law has arthritis and has never considered the ease and convenience of the flings. So I let her try them for a week. Watch the video to see her thoughts and let me know what you think of the flings.


Like any household cleaning products, it’s important to keep laundry pacs Up, Up and Away – seal pacs up, store pacs up, keep pacs away from your kids!

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    cami v
    June 19, 2015 at 8:47 am

    I love gain flings. They male laundry smell so good. I have 2 boys and they are so hard on clothes. Thanks for an awsome review.

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