Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

Franklin’s Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

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Franklin’s Bubble Blaster

Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

UPDATE 2019: This app is no longer available. Please visit our other app reviews.

Have a blast with Franklin’s Bubble Blaster! Aunt T’s bubble machine is out of control and now it’s up to you and Franklin to pop all of the bubbles before they fill up the Messy Make-it Shop. With each bubble you pop, the more points you’ll earn. Pop enough bubbles and Aunt T might get so excited she’ll reward you with some Franklin and Friends downloadable prizes!

Franklin’s Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review: If your little one is a fan of Franklin, then they will like this game. It is pretty easy to play, you just need to pop the bubbles in order to get points and prizes. Some of the bubbles have different effects like a music note to make Franklin dance or a star that splashes water to “wash the bubbles” away. My almost five-year-old found this easy to play. He has played it a few times but not for very long each time. This is one of those games where there just isn’t any challenge to it, so it makes it great for little ones to play and keep entertained.

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This app runs .99 and is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

Check out the Franklin & Friends Videos:

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