Fight Frizz with Pantene Smooth & Sleek with Argan Oil Fight Frizz with Pantene Smooth & Sleek with Argan Oil

Fight Frizz with Pantene Smooth & Sleek with Argan Oil #WantThatHair

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Fight the Frizz! Down with Frizz!! Frizz No More!!!

You get my point… I do not like this humid weather working against my hair. I have a slight wave to my hair, which means if I let it air dry I am a frizz monster or I have to blow dry it straight every day, which means I need products that help smooth out my hair.

Pantene Selection at Walmart


The selection of Pantene at Walmart is almost overwhelming. Just take a look at all the different products they have for your hair. In this case, that is a good thing! Everybody’s hair is different and has different needs. Even I change from an anti frizz shampoo in the summer to a moisturizing or volume shampoo in the winter.

I currently use a keratin leave in oil elixir on my wet hair before I dry it along with a kukui oil shampoo. So I know how great the products with oil work. The Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner was just what I needed, it is infused with Argan oil to help tame those frizzes. It says that it is for women with wavy, frizz-prone hair looking to defy humidity for a smooth & sleek look… hello, that’s me! I didn’t know this, but Pantene shampoos and conditioners work together to make hair 2x stronger than shampoo alone.

Pantene Smooth & Sleek


With after just one use, I could not only see the difference, I could feel it too. My hair was so smooth that I did not need to put any styling product in it like I normally do. I was also surprised that my hair stayed like this the rest of the day too. After running around in the hot, humid weather, I did not have any frizzies… yeah to that!

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Pantene Before & After Pantene After


Other types of Pantene For Summer Hair:

  • Pantene Repair & Protect allows you to use straighteners and curling irons without worry about damaging your hair. I could use this because I straighten my hair every day.
  • Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal erases the damage of 100 blow dries. This too would be on my list as I blow dry every day!
  • Ultimate 10 BB Creme provides 10 benefits in 1 formula for beautifully healthy hair.

All these collections plus more can be found at Walmart. Plus when you buy Pantene at Walmart they offer a 2x money back guarantee!

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Do you color your hair? Do you have breakage? What damages your hair the most? Let me know how one of the Pantene products can help you!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pantene.

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