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Famokids Foam Play Mat

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When I say foam play mat, your mind goes to the bold and bright red, yellow, blue, and green colored squares, doesn’t it! Famokids is helping parents take back their living rooms with its style-savvy mat! The mats they offer will compliment almost any decor in any room of the house.

Famokids Foam Mat

I saw these mats, and even though I do not have little ones anymore, I thought this mat would be great for the game room. Famokids’ first collection, the Crystal Collection, is meant to bring calming zen into your world. This collection consists of hand-illustrated and painted patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. Not only is the mat as stylish as an area rug, but it’s also safer for little ones and easier to clean. I went with the Amber color (subtle tan), the Amber crystal play mats are designed to balance emotion and clear negative energy from your busy home. While clearing the negative energy would be awesome, considering I have two boys, I just liked the neutral color!

Famokids Foam Mat in Amber

Also available in the following colors:

Famokids Mat Colors

Halite, Moonstone, Kyanite, and Jade

Halite (soft pink) Also known as a salt rock, this purifying Halite crystal foam play mat will cleanse auras and emotions in your modern decor.

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Jade (light green) Increasing love & nurturing with ease, the Jade crystal foam play mat will attract good luck & prosperity to your warm decor.

Kyanite (brilliant blue) Naturally cleansing, the Kyanite crystal foam play mat purifies itself, never retaining negative energy in your living space.

Moonstone (pale grey) Empowering intuition, the Moonstone crystal foam play mat brings out a feminine side in your balanced home.

Famokids Foam Mat in Amber

Famokids Foam Mat in Amber

Each set contains 6 tiles & 12 edges with a 0.47” thickness. The final mat size is 4 ft x 6 ft, with each square being 2 ft. x 2 ft. When this is put together, you can’t even see the lines, it really does look like a rug! This makes a great addition to the game room.

Benefits of Famokids Mat

  • Safe – Made with premium, non-toxic, EVA foam that exceeds the U.S. and European safety standards
  • Functional – Durable, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Convenient – As easy to assemble as it is to store
  • Versatile – Use it for other purposes as your children grow out of needing it such as exercise
  • Customizable – Connect each tile to create the perfect sized mat for your space.

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