Exclusive Interview With Soccer Player Alex Morgan Exclusive Interview With Soccer Player Alex Morgan

Exclusive Interview With Soccer Player Alex Morgan

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American soccer player Alex Morgan is an Olympic Gold Medalist and the forward for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League. She is also the starting forward for the 2015 United States Women’s National Soccer Team. On the field, Alex is graceful and gritty, smooth and strong, darting around defenders to the net one minute and overpowering them the next. She overwhelms with her attacking style, bringing defenses to their knees and fans to their feet. After having scored late goals in World Cup and Olympic matches, she is a pressure performer, proving nothing is out of her reach as a woman, soccer player and athlete!

Interview With Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan has now teamed up with Tampax Pearl Active to give girls the confidence to get off the sidelines and into the game. She is a well-seasoned pro who knows the importance of training and teamwork. Alex is bringing her active know-how to girls across the nation through Tampax-sponsored soccer camps, and exclusive online videos. She partnered up with Tampax Pearl Active to help empower young women and athletes to give them the confidence to get off the sidelines and get into the game. Tampax Pearl Active and Alex Morgan are giving girls across the nation a chance to kick it on the field with Alex. Alex will make soccer camp stops in Los Angeles, Houston, New York and in Cincinnati where we were able to catch up with her and have a 1:1 interview. She has always been active and involved in sports and learned early to let nothing stand in her way. “I’m excited to partner with Tampax Pearl Active to empower girls to run, play and give it their all, no matter what.” I want girls to know they can do it all and not let anything hold them back.”

Alex Morgan and Me

Interview with Lucy and Alex

Q: How are you preparing for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada?

  • A: I have to make sure I take care of myself, eating right and exercising daily is the way to go. I also am in training.

Q: What made you choose the number 13?

  • A: Honestly, I thought it was funny that people felt as if the number was unlucky! Through my career, it became advantageous to me and has brought me much luck.
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Q; What are your gym-bag must-haves?

  • A: In my gym-bag, I like to keep a few items handy. Obviously a water-bottle. You have to stay hydrated! I also keep an extra shirt, and Tampax Pearl Active. You never know!

Q: Tell me about your partnership with Tampax Pearl Active?

  • A: Through and through, I feel that no matter what kind of girl you are, all of us struggle with maintaining confidence. I teamed up with Tampax Pearl Active to help girls like me have confidence on and off the field. I want girls to know that they don’t have to let anything hold them back from being active, and achieving their goals and Tampax Pearl Active can help girls have the confidence to do whatever it is they want.

Q: How is it being married to fellow soccer star Servando Carrasco?

  • A: Well, we’ve only been married for a few months” said Alex, humor in her eyes,  so we’re sort of new to this.

Q: What’s your favorite trick move?

  • A: My favorite is a tricky yet simple move. I like to do a convincing shoulder fake, and then explode in the opposite direction.

Q: Who is going to be tough to beat in the upcoming Women’s World Cup Games?

  • A: I believe France, Japan, and Germany are going to be some of the toughest competitors.

Q: What are your tips for a productive workout?

  • A: My favorite workout would include single leg-hops, double leg-hops lunges and a bit of running. I’m also perfecting my shot.

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