Easy Santa Letter Review: Magical Santa Package Easy Santa Letter Review: Magical Santa Package

Easy Santa Letter Review: Magical Santa Package

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Letters from Santa is helping parents give the gift of magic this Christmas. This delightful site provides parents a simple way to create beautiful, personalized letters from Santa that can be printed instantly, along with matching envelope. Available in both a free and low-cost Magical ($2.99) version, the letters are full of special details only Santa could know!

Santa eases the concerns of children that Santa won’t find them because they will be on vacation at Christmas time, because they have moved that year, or even because they don’t have a chimney. Santa soothes the little hearts of children whose families are living apart, or who have military family members that can’t make it home for Christmas. Santa even addresses specific gift requests, celebrates the little one’s big accomplishments, and commemorates Baby’s First Christmas.

In addition to these very special Letters from Santa, also included are a lovely personalized Official Nice List Certificate as well as a beautiful autographed photo from old St. Nick himself! I was impressed with the quality of the Nice List Certificate. I printed mine on cardstock paper so we could put it in a scrapbook. It looked so real!


For a limited time, you can receive a second Magical Letter from Santa Package FREE with every purchase, including Magical Letter from Santa, 2 personalized envelopes, a personalized Official Nice List Certificate, and a personalized autographed photo of old St. Nick! All you need to do is enter the word bogosanta into the coupon code space before you pay! Then, after your first purchase, make your new letter using the same email address, and enter the word bogosanta into the coupon code space once again, and voila! Your second Magical Letter from Santa is provided free of charge!

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For the past two years, Dena has sent a letter from Santa to Mini Me and she LOVES every minute of it. She jumps up and down with joy because Santa took time out of his busy day to send her a letter back. This year has been a little crazy and we both haven’t had time to create letters for our children. Luckily, we found out about EasyFreeSantaLetter.com!


It took literally less than 5 minutes for me to create Mini Me’s Letter From Santa and I know she’s gonna love it just as much as I do! Being that she has been asking for a Scooter and been the Best Big Sister I was sure to include that in her letter from Santa. Once she’s opened it and the excitement has worn off I’ll take the letter and insert into her scrapbook! This is going to be a great memento to add to her collection!

The site is super easy and fun to use, I’d recommend it to everyone! With 10 different Magical Designs and 11 Personalized Messages, this is a super fun and creative way to get your children excited about Christmas!


Disclosure: I was provided with product for this review. All views and opinions with regard to the Easy Santa Letter or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.

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