Doc McStuffins App: Time For Your Check Up! Review Doc McStuffins App: Time For Your Check Up! Review

Doc McStuffins App: Time For Your Check Up! Review

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Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up! App

Doc McStuffins App: Time For Your Check Up! By Disney

My son has liked to watch the Doc cartoons since it was released not too long ago. If you are not familiar with Doc McStuffins, it is about a little girl who talks and takes care of all the toys and stuffed animals.

What I like about this app is that even young ones can play because the activities that need to be completed are highlighted with what exactly needs to be completed. My son liked the Doctor’s Kit game, this is where you use your device to check out a “patient” using a stethoscope, otoscope or x-ray (we looked at my eye with the otoscope). As you play, the Big Book of Boo Boos will save the names and diagnosis of all the patients you cured so you can look at them anytime. You will also earn different Doctor’s Notes that prescribe lots of love, kisses, and cuddles. As usual, Disney has another fun app for the kiddos.

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Doc McStuffins App Doc McStuffins AppDoc McStuffins App

Doc McStuffins App

This app features several different games:

  • Check-Up – At Check-Up players stop by the clinic to help Doc diagnose and cure patients based on a number of different ailments and can stay for a loving cuddle from Lambie.

  • Mixupitis – Help Doc make sure each of her toys has the correct corresponding parts by taking them apart and putting them back together again.

  • Doctor’s Kit – This open-ended activity allows you to turn your iOS device’s camera into a virtual stethoscope, otoscope or X-Ray machine.

  • Picture Stickers – Here players can use a variety of Doc McStuffins themed stickers to decorate pictures of their family and friends or favorite toys.

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UPDATE: Time For Your Check Up is no longer available, but check out these other Doc McStuffins Apps

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2 Comment

  1. Avatar
    Robin Wilson
    May 24, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Wow this is so cool that I want to check it out for myself. But I think I will probably have to get my niece to show me how ! Have heard a lot about the DVD, but didn’t realize there was an app to go with! Great!

  2. Avatar
    Susan Johnson
    May 24, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    This looks like a really cute app! I like that kids can have fun taking pics of mom and dad and make funny faces, then treat them with the tools provided. They get to learn some of the basics of what an actual doctor checks, in a fun way, so that they aren’t fearful of actual doctor visits. What a great idea!

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