Discover Our America Monthly Subscription Box: Michigan Discover Our America Monthly Subscription Box: Michigan    

Discover Our America Monthly Subscription Box: Michigan

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UPDATE 11/2017: Discover Our America is no longer in business. Please visit our other subscription services reviews.

Have America come straight to your door! With the Discover Our America subscription box, you will receive a box of goodies from all over the U.S.A. Each month, a carefully curated box with 5-7 items from one of the fifty states arrives with food, trinkets, and goodies that highlight that particular state.

Discover our America

The included brochure details what’s inside the box along with where to find the products.

Discover our America Brochure

Hello, Michigan! Discover Our America’s inaugural box contained products to help celebrate and experience all that is Michigan.

Discover our America

Included in the Michigan Box:

Carmel Corn from Detroit Popcorn Factory ($1.69) Caramel Corn made the old-fashioned way since 1923.

Faygo Rock & Rye Pop ($1.00) A vanilla cream soda with just a kick of something that may or not be cherry!? Made in Detroit.

Sea Salt Caramels from Sanders ($1.00) The 1920’s Sanders original recipe Caramel is enrobed in premium Dark Chocolate and then sprinkled with the finest Sea Salt.

Wild Cherry Tea from Cherry Republic ($5.95) A rich blend of black tea and wild cherry. Cherry Republic is world’s largest exclusive retailer of cherry food creations.

Salt Water Taffy from Martha’s Original Mackinac Island Fudge (4.49) Martha’s Original Mackinac Island Fudge recipe dates back to 1800’s! Sweet, soft and airy.

Woodward Avenue Blend from Detroit Bold Coffee Co. ($7.99) Created at the headquarters of Becharas Brothers Coffee Company, a Detroit-based company established in 1914. Detriot Bold’s Woodward Ave. blend, is to perfection, consistently smooth with just the right amount of smoky balance.

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The box also includes a booklet that talks about the selected state. It contains info on the states history, geography, weather, industry, life, facts, and places to visit.

Michigan Discover our America Booklet

Inside look at the booklet:

Michigan Booklet Inside Look

I love the concept of this monthly subscription, getting to check out fun foods from different states. Discover Our America was just launched in April with Michigan being their very first box. While I had heard of several of the companies, I didn’t realize they had ties to Michigan.

Each monthly box is $39.95 and includes free shipping. I thought I should mention that this box had a value of $22.12 and was missing one product, Zzang! What the Fudge? Bar from Zingerman’s Candy ($6), that would have brought the retail value to $28.12. I have reviewed many subscription services and normally the value exceeds the cost of the box. This is the only Discover Our America box I received, so I am unable to see if future boxes had a retail value that exceeded the cost of the subscription.

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