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DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush VIDEO Review

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I have long naturally wavy hair and one of the biggest downsides is that I have to straighten in every morning which takes time… a long time. If I don’t straighten it, my hair dries all wavy and frizzy, not a very pretty look! I was sent a DAFNI Straightening Brush (MSRP $200) in hopes that it would cut down on time. I have tried all types of curlers and flat irons and so far, I can come across only one curler that I absolutely love. Because I have tried a lot of other products, I was skeptical on whether this would give me a look I would like.

dafni-straigntening-brushHaven’t heard of DAFNI before? It is a hairbrush and straightener in one. The 3D surface of the brush is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing you to style large sections of hair with each brushstroke, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair!

When the DAFNI arrived, I used it once and put it away! I did not like my hair, at all. It was so straight, I mean like straight-straight. Since it was the first time I used it, I may have used it incorrectly so I decided to give it another whirl. WOW! I now love love love using it! I think my problem when I first tried it was that I left it in my hair on the brush too long instead of pulling my hair through at a faster pace.

I have been using it over the past few months during the hot humid summer days. I am not kidding when I say that after using the brush on my hair in the morning, my hair looked and felt great by the end of the day. There was NO frizz and it stayed straight all day! I didn’t have to go back and touch it up at all. Did I mention I love love love this brush!

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The video below highlights my “before” hair, just after being blown dry and my hair “after” using the brush.


Just look at my hair… it looks pretty good if I don’t say so myself!

5 Reasons I Love My DAFNI Hair

5 Reasons I love my DAFNI

  1. It heats up quick and is easy to use
  2. It makes styling my hair super fast and easy
  3. It prevents frizzing and stays styled all day… did I mention PREVENTS the frizz!
  4. It causes less damage and split ends
  5. It makes me feel beautiful!

I also tried the brush on my niece’s hair, she has even longer hair than mine plus shes a swimmer. She lets her hair naturally air dry so it took me quite a while to work through. I first had to brush her hair to get out any knots to try to make it a bit more smooth so the brush would easily move through it. Once I was finished, she loved it! She was shocked how smooth it was and how she could run her fingers through it without getting them caught and tangled.

DAFNI Before and After Kids Hair

What Do You Think of The DAFNI? 

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    donna porter
    October 7, 2016 at 6:02 am

    Your hair looks so pretty after using the DAFNI. I love how shiny and silky it looks. I would love this brush!

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