Cuento De Luz Spring 2014 New Release Children's Books Cuento De Luz Spring 2014 New Release Children's Books

Cuento De Luz Spring 2014 New Release Children’s Books

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Cuento De Luz means Tale of Light. “We publish stories that let and hope in” says Ana Eulate, publisher of Cuento De Luz, “with stories  that enlighten our lives to bring out our inner child by a diverse group of mostly Latino writers and illustrators.”

I was sent several new Spring 2014 Release titles from Cuento De Luz that include:

The Box Of Holes by Carmel Gil

The Box of Holes is a bewitching tale that shows us how our imaginations can fill in many gaps in our lives, bringing smiles to our faces that we should never, ever give up as lost.

This cute story is all about imagination. When Andrea comes home with a box of holes that she bought, her mother is not too happy. But Andrea finds out what magic these holes can bring.

The Box of Holes

The Things In The Air by Carmel Gil

The Things in the Air is a tale that will fill your air with surprises and fill your child’s face with a huge smile that no one will be able to wipe off — not even the Snouty Witches!

This tale is about sparkling elves that love “things in the air”  that nobody else can see like when words crash in the air to make new words or how an elf chases an aroma for three days. That was until the Snouty Witch appeared. This witch does not like useless things and wants to get rid of the elves. Find out how the elves defeat the witch to continue with their magic in the air.

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The Things In The Air

It’s A Gift by Gabriele Keselman

It’s a Gift! is a tender tale about the solidarity and generosity that’s so necessary in modern life. This moving story will encourage the youngest members of the family to share without expecting anything in return.

I loved the watercolor illustrations in this book. This story follows little duck as he helps his follow friends by giving them each something that he had and they needed. Until he realizes that he doesn’t have those things anymore. Find out how his friends return the favor.

It's a Gift

Walking Eagle: The Little Comanche Boy by Ana Eulate

Walking Eagle: The Little Comanche Boy is a magical tale about nature and harmony between the different peoples of the world, reminding us of the power of stories to bring out our very best from within the deepest part of the human soul.

The boy with the feather headdress told stories without saying a word. The boy whose legs formed the shape of a heart communicated with that special language that comes from within. With his hands, his face, his smile and his eyes, he could communicate everything his listeners needed to hear. Walking Eagle’s tales awoke deep emotions, conveyed a sense of solidarity, and created bonds between the hands and hearts of different tribes that lasted forever.

Walking Eagle The Little Comanche Boy

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  1. Avatar
    Barbara A Ramirez
    April 6, 2014 at 1:02 am

    I am so glad that more books are coming out that truly celebrate diversity. With so many children now being multi-racial and/or having parents that are non-traditional ~ these books can only help to bolster those children’s self–esteem.

  2. Avatar
    Barbara S
    May 6, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    The Things in The Air looks so amazing. I LOVE the illustrations

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