Create a DIY Gift Basket From Your Stockpile Create a DIY Gift Basket From Your Stockpile

Create a DIY Gift Basket From Your Stockpile

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Turn Your Stockpile into Gift Baskets

The past three years I’ve tried to become creative with gift giving. To me, it’s not about getting the “wants” but, more so the necessities. My nephews are growing and are in need of clothing, shoes, socks, etc. and I typically try to give things of that nature verse toys that they’ll play with here and there.

So go through your pantry, closets and cabinets to create a DIY gift basket. Then head to the $1 store or $1 bins for those “extras”.

Some gift basket ideas:

Movie Lovers Dreammoviebasket

  • – Popcorn bucket ($1 bins at Target! Mini Me LOVES hers!)
    – Gift Basket ($1 at Dollar Store)
    – Box of Popcorn ($.49 at Kroger Mega Sale!)
    – Chocolate (Milky Way, $.49 at Kroger!)
    – Movie ($1-$5 at Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, and KMart!)
    – Gum (FREE! Many of you have this stuff in buckets!)
    – Wonka Gummies, $.50 each at Kroger with coupon
    – Butterfinger Snackerz, ($.05 each at Walgreens)
    Total: as low as $4

Relaxation Basketrelaxbasket

  • – Gift Basket ($1)
    – Canning Jar for Bath Salts (around $1)
    – Two Bottles of Wine (around $8 each)
    – Homemade Bath Salts (less than $3 to make!)
    – Candles (FREE – $1 at Target!)
    – Nail Polish (FREE at Target!)
    – Add any shampoo, conditioners or body washes in your stockpile!
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Recipe for Homemade Bath Salts:

  • * 1 C Epsom salt
    * 1/4 c sea salt
    * 3-8 drops depending on color you’re going for of food coloring
    * 1 or 2 teaspoons of glycerin per jar (can be purchased at Walgreens and CVS)
    * 4-6 drops of essential oil (mandarin orange, lavender, sandalwood, and patchouli. Can be purchased at local food and health stores).

Total: as low as $13 if you include only 1 bottle of wine

Food Lovers Basket

  • – Spaghetti Sauce and Noodles
    – Recipe in a Jar (dry ingredients only, attach recipe card to finish off recipe!)
    – Gift Certificates from
    Total: around $7 with Recipe in A Jar

New Baby Basketbabybasket

  • – Huggies Diapers, $6.99-$8.99
    – Wipes, around $1
    – Lotions, around $1.50. Scored these at Kroger on markdown last week!
    – Baby Q-tips, $.89 at Target
    – Hand Sanitizer, around $1
    Total: around $12-$15

Get creative. What kind of gift basket are you putting together with your stockpile?

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