Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box Review Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box Review

Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box Review

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I had the chance to with Crayola My Way on creating a personalized box of crayons. My son is the artist in the family (I think he takes after me)! He is always drawing, writing stories, illustrating them, and coloring at home and at school. Most days he comes home with some new drawing or project he is working on!

So when I told him about this feature from Crayola, he was super excited! He liked that he was able to select what HE wanted including the design, the theme and even the color of the crayons. The process was quite simple and easy to navigate, even my eight-year-old was able to figure it out.

To set started you have the choice of selecting from 3 different products: an 8-count of crayons, a 64-count or an art case. Prices do vary based on if you would like to customize the box design.

Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box - Select a Product


Then you have the choice of using pre-selected classic colors or selecting the ones you want. Don’t worry, the crayons come in a group of 16 colors so you don’t have to individually pick out 64 colors! My son went with Neon Sign, Heavy Metal, Glitter Assortment and Green Lands. There are 26 different assortments to choose from.

Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box - crayon color picker


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After selecting your colors, you can choose to keep the front on the box plain, but what would be the fun in that?? So you can select an image from the several themes they have like Firsts, Holiday, Birthday and then there are several different designs within the themes. Plus you can even upload your child’s artwork or a picture of them for a truly personalized crayon box!

Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box - Select a Design


After you select your image, add a name to the box and voilà, your very own personalized crayon box!

Crayola My Way Personalized Crayon Box - Final Design Box


Here are the crayons that my son selected; Can you smell the scent of fresh crayons?

Crayola Crayon Selection - Personalized Crayon Box


The final design… it may look like “just” a box of crayons, but you can see his smile behind the box. He likes that HE got to not only choose his own colors but that he actually created it!

Personalized Crayola Box - The Review Wire


While this is a neat concept, creating and designing your very own box, I will tell you that it doesn’t come cheap. A 64-count box with a design runs $24.99 BUT, it does make for a great one time gift for a special occasion. I am just glad that I can foster his sense of creativity!

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