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Cincinnati Cyclones Hockey

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If you have kids, trying to find activities for them indoors can be tricky. Have you ever considered heading to a Cincinnati Cyclones Hockey Game? We have been before with the kid’s Boy Scout Troop and have enjoyed it every time.


Last week, I took all three kids, of which my five year old had never been, along with friends from out of town. It was non-stop music, dancing and laughter from all the kids. The first time a guy was slammed up against the partition my five year looked at me as to see whether he should be concerned or laugh. During intermission they had local grade school hockey players come out for a bit, sumo wrestlers (see picture above) and Twister, the mascot out chucking t-shirts into the crowd. The best was when they played Gangnam Style and put everyone on the jumbo-tron. My kids were up dancing around trying to get on TV.

While we were there, the Stanley Cup was on display but the line was too long to be able to get your pictures with it. We tried several times throughout the game but it never seemed to lighten up. I was able to snap a pic as I walked by but it was blurry. It was heavily guarded and they wouldn’t let gawkers like me stop in front to get a picture.

Cyclones Game

With kids, at least my kids, they are non stop eating machines. The night we attended, it was Kids Eat Free Night. They have these several times throughout the season. The next Kids Eat Free Night is FRI 02/15/13, Fans ages 2-12 will receive a FREE meal courtesy of Donatos! Plus, each fan ages 2-12 will receive a Twister Card. We had not been to a game for kids eat free so we were unsure how it worked. MAKE SURE to get one of the postcards when you walk in that has Twister on it. That contains the tear off ticket you need to redeem for a free meal. They didn’t tell us that when we walked in and they were passing out a bunch of stuff so we almost didn’t grab them. When we went to redeem them, the service seemed to go fast and the cashiers were friendly. The only thing I question is RC! Really, RC to drink?! That in itself makes me not want to waste my money on a beverage.

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Overall, we had a fun night hanging out with with our friends and the kids. This Saturday is Throwback Night, John Morrell Hotdogs, Donatos Pizza, Soda, and Beer are all just $1 each while tickets are $8 for this night only! The Cyclones might not be your first choice if you don’t know a lot about Hockey but it is relatively inexpensive, on site parking is convenient, and non stop action for your kids attention.

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    January 4, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    This is something I dont alot of kids get to see – a inside hockey game. Most of them are outside games. I like the fact that they have free kids eat nights and or tickets to get a free meal. A new thing for the bored winter breaks for the kids . thanks for the ino

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