Check Out Shout in the Go Play Initiative Check Out Shout in the Go Play Initiative

Check Out Shout in the Go Play Initiative

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SC Johnson’s Shout has teamed up with Growing Tree Toys as part of Shout’s Go Play Initiative. I recently had the opportunity through Shout and Growing Tree Toys, a great place to find fantastic learning toys, to try out a number of Shout products.  Here’s some information on the Go Play initiative from Shout (visit their Facebook page for more info):

Shout knows play is so much more than fun and games. Studies show that unstructured play helps kids build fundamental skills like problem solving, coping, and conflict resolution. In other words: play is how kids become happy, healthy adults. Fall has arrived with crisp, cool air and new reasons to go out and play. So, let your kids take that rewarding jump into a pile of leaves. Take at trip to the park and watch their imaginations run free. The one thing you won’t do is worry about their clothes; play should get messy and Shout can help.

52 Nature Activities Card Set

In addition to a number of Shout Products, I received a 52 Nature Activities Card Set, by Lynn Gordon. This charmingly illustrated deck of cards describes 52 games, activities and art projects for children to do in nature. From educational to just plain fun, these cards are a convenient size to carry in a backpack. One of the cards that we got a kick out of was “Under A Rock”. This is where you find a large rock and check out what is going on under it. Well, we picked up a huge decorative rock and ants and worms scattered everywhere. My little one jumped back and laughed and laughed. He thought it was so cool to see all the bugs.

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I have been using Shout religiously for years now. It is the only product that I found to work on my son’s stains. From the chocolate milk that comes home on their white uniform shirt to the grass stains from football practices to my little one who persistently walks out in the garage in his socks to watch the garage door go up and down(but that is a whole other post)! I received Shout (Triple Acting) Laundry Stain Remover Spray, which is a staple in my house. I have never used the Shout Color Catcher In-Wash Sheets before this, I was surprised how well they work. The ShoutAdvanced Ultra Concentrated Gel, is another product that I love. I like the scrubby brush on top for those stains that I don’t know about.

Disclaimer: I received these Shout products in conjunction with Growing Tree Toys for free in exchange for my review. All views and opinions with regard to the products or the company are my own and were not influenced  by the company.
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