Review: Chadwicks of Boston Summer Styles Review: Chadwicks of Boston Summer Styles

Review: Chadwicks of Boston Summer Styles 2016

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Summer is officially here and with the past few days, it certainly has felt like it! As you know, I have been working with Chadwicks of Boston over the past year on highlighting some of their seasonal favorites. This summer is no different, I was able to select a few pieces from their summer collection to try out. The first piece I went with was the Coconut Button Cardigan ($59.99). My husband thinks I’m crazy about carrying around a sweater during the summer. But it never fails that I end of needing one whether it is at the grocery store, dining out or almost any place indoors!

Chadwicks Coconut Button Cardigan


I was immediately drawn to this sweater for a few reasons: I love the 2 large buttons that are more decoration as they actually close via a snap instead of a traditional button. I also like that is it an airy sweater. Here, I have a tank top underneath so I am not too hot yet just cool enough… ladies you know what I mean! The trim around the edges are of the sweater is a darker color and which gives it a little pop of color. The description says that it has a “lettuce edge detail” which is like a ruffled edging. The sleeves are extra wide too, it reminds me of a bell-bottoms but for your arms. All of which makes for a great summer sweater!

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This sweater is available blue, coral and oxford tan, all with a mix of white making them all great light summery colors.

Chadwicks Coconut Button Cardigan The Review Wire


The next top I selected was the Batik Print Drape Neck Tank ($29.99). This tank has an all-over pattern and looks cute under my new coconut sweater! This tank will help get rid of my farmers tan during the next few baseball games! Personally, I like this paired with white bottoms but you could also pair with dark denim. While it looks great on by itself, you could dress it up with a blazer and dress slacks. It is a very versatile top!

Both outfits are paired with the Butterfly Sandal from Jambu which you can read the review and see more up-close pictures.

Chadwicks Drape Neck Tank The Review Wire


Which Piece Do You Like Best?

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