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The Review Wire: Box of Style Select Edition

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: Select Edition 2018

Every season with the Rachel Zoe Box of Style you will receive five style finds valued at over $400 for only $99.99! Sounds like a pretty good AWESOME deal, right? Each season, Rachel and her team carefully select trends…

The Review Wire: Nadine West February 2019

Nadine West February 2019 Unboxing Video

I really love the colors in this month’s Nadie West. The green, grays and black pair nicely together. I also love the bracelets this month too, make sure to check out the up-close picture of them below. If you have…

The Review Wire: Nadine West January 2019

Nadine West January 2019 Unboxing

In this month’s Nadine West, I liked the leggings… you can never have too many leggings! The fuzzy top with the criss-cross back pairs nicely with them for a more dressed up look, while the green long sleeve for…

The Review Wire: Nadine West December 2018

Nadine West December 2019 Unboxing

This is my very first package from Nadine West. When I try clothing subscriptions, I am very leery about what they will send, I am afraid that nothing will fit right. To start, you do have to fill out…

The Review Wire Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

UPDATE 9/2019: Pampered Teacher is no longer in business. Please check out these other subscription boxes for teachers!  When I came across the Pampered Teacher Subscription Box, I thought this was a wonderful idea, especially since it is curated…

California Found April Box

California Found: California Artisan Subscription Boxes (April 2018)

UPDATE: 1/2021: This company is no longer in business. Please visit our other Subscription Box Reviews or Crate Joy for more California Themed Subscription Boxes. I recently discovered California Found, a monthly subscription service of expertly curated, small-batch, and…

April SprezzaBox Murray Box

SprezzaBox Subscription Box April Review

Last month my husband wanted a special limited edition Delta Box that SprezzaBox released. He is a 4 million miler with Delta alone, so he thought that it would be a cool box to have! If you are unfamiliar with…