Organa Kids: Castle Farm & Happy Valley DVD Organa Kids: Castle Farm & Happy Valley DVD

Organa Kids: Castle Farm & Happy Valley DVD

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Children’s animated stories are brought to life in the launch of two new, delightful animated DVDs series – Castle Farm and Happy Valley, which reach out to preschool children to engage their imaginations, amuse and entertain and at the same time teach lessons to last a lifetime by relating to them on their own level.  The first volumes of each title settle onto DVD August 30, 2011 from Organa Kids, a company dedicated to bringing the very best in children’s animation and television from around the world to U.S. audiences on DVD and digital download.

Castle Farm Volume 1

Like a child’s drawing brought to life, Castle Farm is a gentle series from England full of color and colorful characters.  Join Farm Girl, Piggy, Leonard, Farmer and all the barnyard animals as they solve mysteries, fix things, get chores done, play games and learn lessons about friendship, responsibility and having fun.  Each vignette is filled with its own tiny adventure that will engage youngsters again and again.

Castle Farm Volume 1 includes the episodes “Snails,” “The Carrot Thief,” “Ball Games,” “A Windy Day,” “Amber,” “The Prickly Flower,” “Bubbles,” “Trophy” and “Waiting for Winnie.”  Volume 2 includes “Muddy Farm,” “Little Bo Lost,” “Stinging Nettles,” “The Twirly Spinner,” “Talking Trouble,” “Woodlice,” “Pumpkin on the Loose,” “Blackberries” and “Eight Legs.”


Happy Valley

Happy Valley, a charming series also from England, is set in the beautiful countryside by the sea.  Using traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes and songs, each episode tells a story about the children who live in the valley as they learn about the world around them.  Whether taking a school trip, visiting grandparents, or a simple walk in nature, the tales are endearing and captivating and appeal to even the youngest of viewers.

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Happy Valley Volume 1 contains the episodes “Rain is Tumbling,” “There You Are, Blackbird,” “Tree on the Hill,” “Where Are You Hiding?,” “Autumn Leaves,” Gee Up Little Horsie,” Wakey, Wakey!,” “Far, Far Away” and Little Donkey.”  Volume 2 contains the episodes “Cosy Little House,” “Have You Ever Been Sailing?,” “Robin Redbreast,” “Going to See the Doctor,” “Scarecrow,” “Cars,” “Shopping,” “Valley Farm” and “Sun Cream.”

Our Take: I have never heard of these cartoons until now. I found these films to be very delightful. My little guy didn’t stay tuned in for too long, but I am sure that mini-me will enjoy them. The illustrations are hand-drawn, so it is different than what the kids are used to.

Castle Farm and Happy Valley are recommended for children ages 2-5 and are available for $14.95 each.

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