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Case-Mate Phantom iPhone 4 Case Review

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We’re not just in the business of creating coveted accessories for mobile devices, even though that is what we do. Everything we do is designed to make people happy.  – Case-Mate

I was able to review the new Case-Mate Phantom case for my iPhone 4. I received a black/white and an aqua/white case. I liked the aqua color better, more feminine. Plus I needed a change for Spring. I normally use a black case and I wish that this black case was all black as opposed to a white stripe down the center. My husband didn’t care for the stripe either. The case comes in 2 pieces, an inner-core frame that supports the front and sides of the iPhone, protecting the screen while the case lays facedown. And the outer layer, made from revolutionary DuoFlex and PolyCore materials. Fancy words for it is soft and cushy!

Case-Mate Phantom iPhone 4 CaseI am not used to such a thick case. It really protects the phone though, especially from my little one who still has been known to through my phone when I won’t download a game or two! It is stylish for being a thicker case.

I have noticed really only one downside to the case. I carry my phone in my back pocket on occasion as well as placing it face down on the table. I think this in addition to normal use has caused the edges to pick up dirt. There is a ring of black around the whole outer edge. I normally do not use lighter colored cases so this might happen with all lighter colored cases. This would not be a problem with the black case. Well, the dirt will still be there you just wouldn’t see it! Another thing that I am not used to is how the ports have those flaps to cover them up when not in use. My last case was a thinner case and the ports were open. So that really isn’t a downside, but just a matter of preference.

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Overall, I would recommend a Phantom Case for durable protection.

Case-Mate Phantom Case

Case-Mate Phantom Case

Case-Mate Phantom Case

I also reviewed The Waddler and Monsta iPhone cases from Case-Mate, if you would like to read up on those.

Case-mate offers is the chance to create your own case. If you have a special picture that you would like to have made into a case, just upload and they will make it into a case cover. Or you can also use the pre-made art designs from artists such as No Doubt and NIN. Then you can customize the cover with special elements or colors.

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