Carrom: Skittles Board Game Review Carrom: Skittles Board Game Review

Enjoy A Family Fun Night With Carrom Skittles Board Game Review

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We have a pretty young family, but my kids are already getting tired of the usual board games and are starting to turn to video games more.  I can’t stand this, so I have been looking for more unique games for my family to play. I have not heard of Carrom Games before, come to find out this 100 year old company offers a whole line of family-oriented games.



I was recently sent the Skittles Board Game by Carrom for a family game night.  This game is all wood and has a simple vintage feel to it when you are playing.  All you do it set up the pins on the point circles, wrap the string around the top, and spin the top then wait to see how many pins your top knocks down.  The winner is whoever has the most points.  My kids found this hysterical and were even trying to cheat by tilting the board to move the top different directions.

Skittles Game

The board is a good size and took up most of our table which only added to the excitement.  This game requires just a little skill and a little math.  My son liked being in charge of points and adding up everyone’s score.  Skittles is easy enough that the little kids can play without an adult helping them.  My 3-year-old was even having a good time spinning the top.  We even played with grandparents and everyone was getting into it and trying to score points.  I love that the game Skittles is well made with wood and is Made in the USA.  It isn’t just a cheap board game, this is a game my kids are going to love playing with for years.

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Skittles Game

I am trying to steer my kids away from video games and “unplug” as a family as much as possible.  As the video games get cooler this job is getting harder.  It is so good for kids to turn the screen off and play games with their family. This is the time for family bonding and truly enjoying playing with each other.  I think finding games like Skittles is really going to help distract my kids.  With National UnPlug Night coming up on October 16th I have been on the hunt for “something different” and that is what I found with the Carrom games. Follow #UnPlugwithCarrom for all fun online!

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