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Cakepop Cuties Squishy Toys Video Review

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Do your kids love squishies? Do they collect and trade them with their friends? I received a special box from Basic Fun that had several products from their new squishy line called CakePop Cuties. These sweet, squishy, collectible animals are disguised in a scented sweet treat.

CakePop Cuties Cutie Family ($9.99)

These family packs contain five adorable cutie squishy figures, two parents and three babies. Available in a kitty or puppy family. You’ll see one parent and one baby in the package, but the other three characters are hidden which you get to unwrap to see the surprise inside the scented pop!

The Review Wire: CakePop Cuties Cutie Family Set Review

CakePop Cuties Jumbo Surprise ($9.99)

The CakePop converts to a display stand for each Cutie – just take the top off and use it as a base at the bottom of the stick. Cuties can also be used as super sweet pencil toppers!

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The Jumbo Cake Pop is twice the size of our regular CakePops and has twice as many surprises inside! This deliciously decorated 4″ pop includes two squishy foam Cuties not available in any other CakePop Cuties item, a sticker sheet, plus a large themed accessory piece and two mini accessories inside! There are four different styles to discover.

The Review Wire: CakePop Cuties Video Review

CakePop Cuties Small Surprise ($1)

Each Cake Pop toy contains a surprise Cutie character inside made of squishy foam! Each Cake Pop includes 1 Cutie, 1 Sweetie accessory, and a collector sheet.

The Review Wire: CakePop Cuties Jumbo Cake Pop Review

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    Sarah L
    October 5, 2018 at 12:06 am

    I’ve never seen this kind of toy. No kids so I don’t keep up.

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