Cable & Gauge: Affordable Fashion for Women Cable & Gauge: Affordable Fashion for Women

Cable & Gauge: Affordable Fashion for Women

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This was my first time working with Cable & Gauge, before this I have not seen or heard of them, but I am certainly glad I did! Cable & Gauge offers affordable fashion with styles women like. I was able to pick out my top choice with a backup style just in case they were out of my size. Well to my surprise, I was sent both styles!

This summer, I am starting to go more out of my comfort zone when it comes to styles, patterns, and colors, I have fallen in love with the maxi shirt. I have worn more skirts and dresses this summer than I think I have in my entire life! The first style I went with was the Twist Top Dress. The top features a crisscross design and a blue and white swirl pattern. At first, I didn’t think it would fit because of the material (viscose and spandex) but after trying it on, I fell in love with it. The pattern had a slimming effect but the twist top accentuated my hoo haa’s which made me feel very sexy! Cable & Gauge also offers the twist top styles in a shirt if you prefer not wearing dresses.

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Cable & Gauge Twist Top Dress

Up close picture of the twist top, swirl design:

C&G Blue White Swirl

My next selection was the same pattern only in the maxi style. Had I know that I was receiving both, I would have picked out another color. But since I do love wearing it, I am glad that I have a backup! This dress was a bit long for me though, as I am on the shorter side. I think if I hem it at least an inch, it won’t drag on the ground. From shoulder to hem is 62 inches. My hubs thinks I look better in the longer style, what do you think?

Cable & Gauge Maxi Twist Top Dress

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