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Build Upons Light Up Bricks

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My fifteen-year-old use to love building with all his minifigs and sets when he was younger. Always asking for new sets to add to his collection, spending hours building and playing… I see that pales in comparison to my seven-year-old! Now he is a true fanatic! He will spend hours building new sets without help or getting frustrated. He also likes to build his own battle scenes and his own spacecraft creations that involve using all his minifigures. Then he makes a video about each character that he creates, and what features each of the new vehicles that he has come up with has. He is very creative and imaginative!

Build Upons

When I heard about these new bricks that light up from Lunchbox Electronics, I was excited to show him! Build Upons are light up bricks that “build upon” your existing LEGO® creations. You can light up your fort, spaceship, or any creation you come up with!


Founder Alicia Gibb, CEO of Lunchbox Electronics first created a light-up brick grid in 2013. Since then they have launched these latest Builds Upons, only with a better design!

Build Upons Light Up Helicopter

Build Upons just launched on Kickstarter and needs your support! What is Kickstarter you ask? Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that helps new entrepreneurs get new businesses started. During this one month period, Lunchbox Electronics need backers to help fund with the production of these Build Upons Kits. They offer several different levels of support in which you will receive the kits in exchange for backing them.

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The Build Upons system has three types of bricks: an LED brick (lights up), a power brick (how the LED brick gets the electricity), and a bridge brick (connects the LED and Power bricks). A Build Upons starter kit includes 3 white LED Bricks, 5 Bridge Bricks, 1 Power Brick, and a Battery Pack.

Kickstarter Campaign:

You can back Build Upons on Kickstarter through June 27, 2015. Help them reach their goal of $30,000 so these awesome light up bricks can be under your tree in time for Christmas!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Lunchbox Electronics. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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