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Bright\Cycle Falcon LED Bike Light Review

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Bright\Cycle Falcon LED Bike Light

This post was written by Rich

I received The Falcon LED bike light from Bright\Cycle to try out. I am a regular cyclist, I ride single track on my mountain bikes, do road riding (a few centuries a year) and commute when I can. I try to avoid riding after dark but it is sometimes unavoidable when it is you need a lighting system that works! On the road, my light is more about cars seeing me in daylight than riding in the dark, on the commuter and the mountain bike I sometimes find myself needing the lamps to see where I’m going and to keep cars from killing me.

I was really impressed with the presentation of The Falcon, it almost reminded me of opening an Apple product. My first impression was that this thing is huge! The Falcon is at least twice the size of anything I’ve used in the past. It has 5 settings: high, medium, low, flash & SOS. The lens twists to adjust the size of the beam, like Mag Lights that I’ve used in the past. It takes either 3 AAA batteries or comes with a rechargeable unit.

Falcon LED Light

As I mentioned I would likely not use this on my road bike, and it is a good thing because the included mount would never fit on the aero bars on the Bianchi; I then tried it on the Soma commuter and was also a bit bummed that the bracket was a bit larger, I would have preferred to have it closer to the center of the bar, but had to slide it down to get it to fit (see pics).  I had the exact same experience on my mountain bike. Maybe the next generation could have a second larger bracket included.

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Falcon LED Light

The rest of the story is that this light is great, the bracket lets you adjust it to get the desired aim. It is so bright, to match anything with this sort of power I think you’d easily spend close to double what The Falcon sets you back. It stayed secure in the bracket on and off-road. When I wanted it as a blinkie to let cars see me it did what it needed, with a few 1/2 presses of the button to change it to ‘high’ it completely lit my path.

Falcon LED Light

I think it would be especially suitable for bike camp/touring as it comes out of the mount to be used as a flashlight.  If you could only have one headlamp to do everything well this would be it; yes it’s large, but to get that volume of light I guess it really needs to be.  I hope Bright\Cycle comes out with a tail light soon!

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    sara giresi
    March 12, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I LOve this! I especially like that it can be used as a flashlight! I am so nervous riding at dusk with my baby but this would keep me visible!

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