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BOX4BLOX Review: The all In One LEGO Sorter

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BOX4BLOX Review“The BOX4BLOX evolved from one of those classic “light bulb” moments after Moira (Inventor) had spent nearly an hour sorting the kids’ Lego into a selection of plastic containers, only for our youngest to return home from pre-school and tip them all over the floor.”

BOX4BLOX Review: I’ve been there! I find LEGO’s in the oddest places… thinking why in the world would a LEGO be in here! The BOX4BLOX is a 4 stacking sorter that when you add your LEGO’s to the top yellow box and shake, all the smaller LEGO’s tumble on down. The 10 1/4 cube holds up to approximately 1500 -1800 blocks, but it will vary depending on the size of the bricks.

BOX4BLOX ReviewBOX4BLOX ReviewBOX4BLOX ReviewThe Review Wire: BOX4BLOX Review


BOX4BLOX: Organize Your Legos! ReviewBeing the neat freak that I am, I love having everything in its place, even Legos, so this holder is a great idea. The only downside is that the lid does not lock on nor is it portable. When all of the Lego pieces are in the holder, it can be heavy for younger kids. You do need to pick it up from the bottom or risk the stacks falling apart. My youngest did like just tossing his Legos into the top stack and watching them disappear into the other holders. The BOX4BLOX Sorter makes it nice to have the like sized pieces all together for building.

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