Boba Review: Boba Baby Carrier Boba Review: Boba Baby Carrier

Boba Review: Boba Baby Carrier

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I’m just gonna start out by saying I’m not one for “Baby Carriers”. I am not even sure why I chose to do this Boba Baby Carrier Review….

I’ve never really needed a baby carrier, nor did I understand the need for them. Not to mention, the Hubs thinks they are odd {and frankly so do I…}. With my oldest I did not even have one, with the second I received a “hand me down” from a neighbor and smiled as I accepted it {inside I was rolling my eyes}! With the third, I’m beginning to see the need for a Baby Carrier.

Boba Baby Carrier

It’s like I’m chasing after a two-year-old with the baby in my arms…God forbid I trip over a toy laying on the floor and who knows what will happen with the baby. Not to mention he apparently thinks he only needs to sleep on, near or around Mommy…{I’m almost over it, but, he is my last baby. So while I think it’s ANNOYING I’m completely just going with it!}.

So when my son was 2 months old I put him in an Ergo Baby Carrier and HATED. it. Like screaming bloody murder stopped breathing he was screaming so hard hated it. So I just figured maybe he’s not a “baby carrier” type of baby. I figured I’d give the Boba Baby Carrier a go… I mean what did I have to lose?

We headed to a local {HUGE} grocery store and I thought I’d put Mr. Man in the Boba Baby Carrier. That would free up the grocery cart and the two-year-old could sit in the back {she loves sitting with all the groceries, she’s crazy!} and I did just that. He fussed for all of 2 minutes and as I began to walk around he fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in the store!!! I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed my shopping trip. I was able to make it to the wine section and buy a bottle(s).

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I began to realize that the Boba Baby Carrier is a “snug” type of fit and he just wasn’t hanging out in it. Mr. Man is 4 months old and LOVES to be super close to Mommy and I think the reason he loved the Boba versus the Ergo. Now I’m not going to knock the Ergo because I did use it with success with TT (she’s 2 now). I just think babies are different and enjoy different things.

I LOVE the fact that the Boba Baby Carrier is super easy to use. It literally has two buckles, easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. Plus, I can use it by myself and don’t need help getting it on, adjusted or snapped. Plus, there’s no video you need to watch (over and over again) to use it. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The all-in-one Boba 4G Carrier is designed to adapt, so you can better enjoy the adventure.

  • Integrated infant insert
  • Removable foot straps & sleeping hood
  • Purse Strap Holders
  • Multiple pockets & adjustment straps
  • Superb ergonomic support for both parent and child

Now being that Mr. Man is only 4 months old I’ll be wearing this one for a while. I’ve used it on several occasions and he’s fallen asleep in it every time. I’m not sure that’s normal, but, I’ll take it! I can’t wait to transfer him to the back and go hiking with him this spring at our local park.

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3 Comment

  1. Avatar
    Sandra Beeman
    March 20, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    I love your reviews and giveaways as well!

  2. Avatar
    March 20, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    I agree with your review. It works with some babies and not others. It is handy occasionally.

  3. Avatar
    Jane Ritz
    March 20, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    This is a great review. I wonder if my daughter will want one of these for her new one. I always feel like if I’m holding a baby, I need to do that with my hands. Touch is a good sensation for the baby.

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