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bINK’D Review: Pierce Free Earrings

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bink'dIt’s a bummer to be the girl whose parents won’t let her get her ears pierced especially if it’s something they dream about – so here’s a chic little compromise. bINK’d pierce-free earrings! bINK’D is made in the USA and of kid-safe adhesive and 100% vegetable based inks, these hypoallergenic, super cute tattoo designs offer tons of pain-free fun and they last up to a week! The whopping range of darling designs for babies, toddlers, and teens include glittery hearts, holiday themes, butterflies, ice cream cones and funky glow in the dark designs and so much more. The Easter kit will feature sets sold in an Easter egg!

Best of all – give bINK’d and you’re giving her several gifts in one! bINK’d temporary tats are also used on finger and toenails, plus books and purses to glam them up. The tiny, stylin’ stackable containers make them the perfect little gift and a pair of 6 is just $5.95! Scan the huge selection of cool temporary ear, nail and accessory tats at

bINK'D Review: Pierce Free EarringsMini Me and I were snackin’ on a pretzel at the mall about a year ago. She saw a girl her age climb up in the chair at the kiosk in the middle of the mall. She gawked as this little girl geared up to get her ears pierced! Shortly after the girl had new new bling in her ears, Mini me said “if that little girl got her ears pierced I can do it!” So we ended up picking out a set of blue flower studs and up in the chair she went!

The little dots were put on her ear and in went one earring (the lady did one at a time!!!!)! Tears came rollin’ down Mini Me’s face and that was the end of that. The salesperson told me to carry it in my bag and if she ever found the courage we could come back and get it done. Needless to say, Mini Me no longer has a earring in her ear…she took it out and the hole closed up.

For Mini Me’s 5th birthday she said she was going to go back and we were going to get both ears pierced at the same time. She longs for earrings because her Mawmaw and I both wear them. Not to mention her baby sister now has her ears pierced too! Well, the 5th birthday has come and gone and the reason we found bINK’D!

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Mini Me is a fashionista! She loves to be sparkly and set her own trends…I mean she’s 5 now and I just let her wear whatever bright and sparkly outfit she desires! So when she opened her bINK’D present she was quick to put them on! Simply put, these are small tattoos! But, we have our sparkly Glitter Toos {read my Glitter Toos review, we LOVE them and so did all the kids at her party!}.

bINK'D Review: Pierce Free EarringsMini Me ended up heading over and putting water in the clear tube {reminded me of sealing envelopes!} with a sponge tip. She then chose two DIFFERENT designs to put on her ears {Hey, I welcomed it!} and away we went…she loved the fact that she had something on her ears and when she notices they are no longer on her ears, we replace them! Not to mention “Binky” and “Cookie”, Mini Me’s babies, love them as well….true story! I love the fact that they are super easy to take off, make cute add-ons to Mini Me’s colorful nails and hypoallergenic!

One jar of bINK’D gives you 12 pairs (or 24 total) designs. You can let your child create their own jar, which is SUPER cool! Priced at $5.95 a jar & $2 Shipping, bINK’D will make a great gift or a party favor! Being that I am a “deal seeker” you’re best option is to purchase the All-in-One bINK’d Set. For $15.95 you’ll receive 4 jars (48 pairs), scissors and the applicator! Let the girls be girly with bINK’D and all you have to worry about is where you will find the next set of bINK’d designs!

I was provided with product for this review. All views and opinions with regard to bINK’D review or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.

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    Jane Ritz
    February 27, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Those are so cute for little girls. They have such fun palying grown-up.

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