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Back 2 School: Keeping Kids Healthy

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Keeping kids healthy for back to school is something that usually falls by the wayside until they are sick. Here are a few products that we have reviewed to help prevent those nasty germs from taking hold!

Buzzy – The Buzzy ($34.95) is a reusable handheld device that uses vibration and ice to calm the “needled” area.


Cleanwell – These spray and wipes are just what the doctor ordered to keep your kids from spreading germs. They are pocket size and easy for the kiddies to use, with no lid to lose!

Cleanwell Products

FitDesk – This is a pretty creative product. For those of us who are just way to busy and still need to squeeze in our exercise, this is the way to do it. Simply strap your laptop onto the bike, workout and work all at the same time!


Listerine Products – Listerine products have an entire line for kids to keep teeth clean & healthy. We often find these on a great deal at CVS and Walgreens.

  1. Listerine Agent Cool Blue is a pre-brush tinting rinse that can help kids brush better for a cleaner, brighter smile. It temporarily tints teeth blue, so kids know where to pay more attention when cleaning their teeth.
  2. Listerine Smart Rinse is a post-brush mouthwash especially designed for kids to help protect teeth against cavities and clean the mouth beyond brushing alone. The primary benefit of is the fluoride offered – an important ingredient to help provide extra cavity protection. Unlike other fluoride rinses, Listerine Smart Rinse works like a magnet to attract the particles that brushing may leave behind and tints the particles, leaving proof in the sink of a cleaner mouth.
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Listerine Agent Cool Blue

Porta Pocket – This is a pouch that can be used for your daughter’s feminine products, keys, id’s, credit cards, insulin pumps, inhalers, epi-pens and so much more.


Pillow Sew Cute – The EpiPouch holds 2 Epi-Pens with enough room for ID card and single dose Benedryl, easy open snap for when you need it in a hurry plus a clear front pocket for easy viewing.

Epi Pen Carrier

What are some of your favorite products that are a must have for your kids?

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