Awesome Pack Monthly Subscription Review Awesome Pack Monthly Subscription Review

Awesome Pack Monthly Subscription Review

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Make family time MORE awesome with this awesomely awesome monthly “Awesome Pack”…I couldn’t resist all the awesome talk! Each month, your box is customized just for your family!

When you sign up you get to customize your box by adding all the family members to start. Then they send you a survey with questions like: what types of board games do you like to play as a family, and what games do you already own?

Each box includes products from several categories: board games, hands on activities, smaller activities, the exclusive activity books and several goodies. Just take a look at my Awesome Pack from January:

My box of #Awesome arrived from @awesomepack today! What’s awesome in your life right now today?

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My Awesome Pack Included:

Mammut Board Game –

  • After the Mammoth hunt, the hunters have to share their prey. Each player tries to get hold of the best and greatest share. However, being too greedy will provoke jealously among the other hunters and result in loosing one’s share to the next player. Finally, all hunters get hold of their share of the prey; but did they gain a sufficient amount of furs, meat and fire? What kind of prey is hidden behind the question marks? There are many ways to gather victory points – and these will finally decide who is the most successful mammoth hunter.

Ruckus Original Board Game –

  • See it. Match it. Steal it! Collecting card sets is the aim of the game…it’s holding on to them that’s the trick. Players create a Ruckus as they race to collect matching cards, and hold on to them. Place a matching card from your hand on top of another player’s set, slide it across the table and it’s now yours. With all players matching and stealing faster than you can shout out the names of the sets, it’s anyone’s game until the final card is played.

Lemon Clock –

  • This clock is powered by a lemon. Simply add your own lemon to turn this kit from into an amazing lemon powered clock. Includes copper and zinc plates, wire and a clock.
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Awesome Pack Jan 2015


Coin Magic

  • Press a coin through a rubber sheet and watch it magically pass through! Perform this fun trick to amaze your friends while learning the science behind elastomers. Part of the 4M Science Magic series.

Tin Can Robot

  • Turn a metal can into a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot that can move. It can be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can be cool! Kit includes parts and instructions, just add a “can” do attitude.

Nitro Grinders Stunt Collectables –

  • Nitro Grinders are extreme stunt collectables. Launch your character with just a flick and watch them stick an awesome trick! Jump, spin, roll and grind, Nitro Grinders are one of a kind!

Spiderman Stickers/Sticker Album –

  • The 32-page album contains a FREE poster. There are 168 stickers in the complete set with 7 stickers in each pack.

Each Awesome Pack also includes a fun Awesome Activity Booklet with mazes, DIYs, card games and journaling pages. I like that the pack come with a personalized page that tells you exactly what is in your box, with a brief description and color picture of the games. Our box was filled with activities and games that all three of my kids could take part in. I totaled up almost $97 in retail value for the product I received, not bad considering it only costs $45 per month! Awesome Pack is a fun way to try products and games that you might not otherwise consider. I was glad to have this around, especially after the kids being off school all last week due to weather, so having a “go to” box filled with games and activities was a big help!

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  • Awesome Pack is available as a Family Pack or the Big Kids Pack. Each pack runs $44.99 each with free shipping.
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