AT&T Connect to Cell 3 Handset Answering System with Bluetooth AT&T Connect to Cell 3 Handset Answering System with Bluetooth

AT&T Connect to Cell 3 Handset Answering System with Bluetooth

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Review of AT&T 3 Handset Connect to Cell (CLP99383)

Let’s get right to the point. Nobody uses a phone with a wire attached anymore. It just doesn’t happen. Even more on trend is that lots of people, more than 50% of households by some studies, rely exclusivity on a wireless phone for their exclusive phone needs.

AT&T Connect To Cell

All of which brings us to the AT&T Connect to Cell phone handset. If you use a traditional landline or cell or some combination of both this handset can do some pretty neat stuff. So, after using the system in our home for about 5 weeks we will take a quick look at key features and how the system works.

This unit covers all the basics, includes three handsets, two of which are for locations in your home or small office not near a wall phone jack, an onboard voicemail system, and required batteries, chargers, and cables to get you started.

The handsets connect to the base and each other via DECT 6.0 Digital Technology. This is a fairly common standard on high-end cordless units and it ensures crystal clear and secure connections. It also allows for some pretty impressive range both indoors and out. We were able to make calls and conference between handsets throughout or large home and even head over to a neighbors yard without any issues. While the phone doesn’t include a published maximum distance, I’d say that any home or small office setting short of a mansion should easily be covered. Of course, your mileage will vary based on the type of construction of your home.

AT&T Connect To Cell

The handsets have some neat tricks and ease of user settings. The keys are backlit for use in low light settings as is the display. The phonebook syncs across all units meaning you enter grandma’s number once and it loads into all three handsets. Each handset can be independently set to announce caller id, ringer volume and night mode. Night mode is handy if you keep a phone where you want it silenced between certain times that, thankfully, are user controlled. You can access the voicemail from each handset and even use the units as ad hoc intercoms, paging a particular handset or even transferring a call from one handset to another. So if mom calls and needs to talk with Dad, Jr can easily send the call to the handset nearest dad.

Not everyone will use the voicemail as most landlines include that option, but for those that don’t or perhaps charge a fee, you can use the system that comes built into the phone. We did not test that feature. Finally, the systems include a battery backup system for those times when power may be out during a storm or other short-term reason. And I say short-term as the system is not designed to be used for more than a few hours without AC power.

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AT&T Connect to Cell

The key selling point for many will be the Bluetooth capability of the unit. You can link two mobile phones to the base and then be able to use those phones calling capabilities across all handsets. And, get ready, you can run up to three calls at a time using your two linked cell phones and your landline, one call each from different handsets. The handsets are clearly marked with buttons to dial out on the landline, and Cell 1 or 2. When a call comes in via a connected cell, the handsets plainly indicate that the call is from your linked phone allowing you to answer or let it go and have your cellphone voicemail grab it. It all worked easily and without any challenges.

The base station includes a USB plug to charge a single phone with the appropriate user-supplied cable. This is handy for those that want to come home, place the phone on the charger and now any calls will be easy to pick up on one of the three handsets without racing for your cell phone.

You can even use this phone with mobile phones only if that is your choice. No need to have a landline at all. Now, I bet most people that have given up landlines probably have their mobiles with them at all times but at least the option is there. I see this as a great option for those that want easy access to their cell calls without having the phone itself with them while at home.

One interesting feature included but that we didn’t test is notification of text messages from your linked cell to handsets. This feature requires an app on your phone, thankfully free, but at the moment only works with Android. We didn’t have access to an Android phone to test. The idea is that texts that hit your cell cause the handset to alert. The actual message doesn’t make the jump, just an alert. So, depending on how attached you are to texting so till will the usefulness of this feature.

Overall, it is a great package that pulls together your landline and mobile phones and allows you to use them as needed throughout your home. The system was as easy as possible to set up and use. From unboxing to making a cell phone call was ten minutes and 5 of those minutes were crawling under tables to plug the power cords in. All around a winner that we recommend.

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    Very interesting ho you link up our cell to a landline. This would be convenient and easy. We have the intercom feature on our handsets and use it often. We call down to my husband in the garage to ask a question or let him know food is ready.

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