Andes Thin Mint Cookies Recipe Andes Thin Mint Cookies Recipe    

Andes Thin Mint Cookies Recipe {Recipe Link Up}

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Andes Thin Mint Cookies RecipeIt was a cold winters night, celebrating Christmas with Jason’s Aunt and Cousins out in the country. We were nibbling on a fabulous dinner and out came the cookies…

That’s where the story begins of my love for Homemade Andes Thin Mint Cookies! I took one bite and the soft chocolate began to melt on my lips and from there, our love for one another was born….it was really LOVE at first site.

OK, enough about that.

If you crave the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and your stockpile is no longer, no worries. This Andes Thin Mint Recipe will be a staple in your house and those who take a bite will be hooked.

If your kids are anything like my Mini Me she makes every “special”. Her secret ingredient is making it with LOVE. In addition, almost EVERYTHING has sprinkles…so let them go to town and have fun!

Andes Thin  Mint Cookies

WARNING! These are addicting and you can’t eat just 1…if you can, I envy you. If you know someone who LOVES Thin Mint girl scout cookies, this is it! They are super simple to make…

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2 Packages Ritz Crackers
1 Bag Andes Baking Chips
Shavings of Paraffin Wax to smooth chocolate & give shine

Begin melting the entire package of Andes Baking Chips using a double boiler (pan with boiling water, add Pyrex bowl on top of pan. Make sure water doesn’t touch the bowl or it will burn the chocolate!). Take a bar of Paraffin wax and shave on top of the chocolate. This is going to give the chocolate a shine and thin it out a little bit. It’s not needed, but, does help! Once the chocolate is completed melted and stirred dip Ritz cracker into the chocolate coating both sides of the cracker. Set aside on wax paper to harden. Feel free to let the kids decorate with sprinkles. As you can see Mini Me went to town on the green sprinkles! They are Daddy’s favorite!!!

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    Kate F.
    March 10, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Those look so good! And I happen to have a box of Andes mints in my pantry 🙂

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