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San Antonio Shoes

San Antonio Shoemakers: Sanibel Sandal Review

I have not heard of SAS until recently. San Antonio Shoe Makers has 208 stores in the US and in 12 countries worldwide…how did I miss a shoe store?! Walking into the store, you feel like you stepped into another time…

SAS Jackie Handbag - The Review Wire

San Antonio Shoemakers: Jackie Handbag Review

I worked on a review with San Antonio Shoemaker’s last summer on a pair of their Sanibel Sandals. Here it is a year later and I still love them, from the summery orange to the comfort they provide. Well, SAS recently… Review: New Styles At Wholesale Prices, where were you when I was looking for a wedding dress back in 2001? I remember how much time I spent going from store to store looking for that perfect wedding dress!  In order to see what the…

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The Review Wire Team is available for Media Events in and out of Cincinnati. Please contact Dena at with any questions or to discuss opportunities. In The News: January 1, 2011: Dena and Marci had their site…