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30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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If you haven’t heard of Elf on the Shelf, be prepared to start having some holiday fun! This magical Elf is sent from Santa himself to watch over your children and then report back to him every night. This Elf is like no other though. Once he arrives at your house, your child needs to name him so he can “receive” his special powers to fly to The North Pole. Once your children are asleep, your Elf goes to work! But beware… your Elf likes to cause a little mischief each night!

The Review Wire: 30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Here Are 30 Elf Ideas to Get You Started:

  1. Lipstick message on the mirror
  2. Make a flour “snow” angel
  3. Get trapped in drinking glass inside the cabinet
  4. Arrange a message in candy (M&M’S work great)
  5. Hang from the ceiling fan, then turn it on
  6. Holding and playing the video game controller
  7. Watching the movie, Elf
  8. Reading a book, preferably one about Santa
  9. Sitting with other stuffed animals
  10. Making a mess of the laundry basket, throwing clothes everywhere
  11. Riding in a toy car or train
  12. Building a LEGO
  13. In the fridge drinking chocolate milk
  14. Having a battle with other small figures
  15. Eating Kisses with chocolate all over face
  16. Fishing for goldfish out of the sink
  17. Playing cards with other “friends”
  18. Sharing a drink or ice cream with Barbie
  19. Cut out lots of snowflakes and hang them all over the house
  20. Message in the sink with toothpaste
  21. Stack a pyramid of plastic cups with Elf on top
  22. Take a marshmallow bath
  23. Sledding Down the banister
  24. Having a real “Elf” breakfast with syrup, spaghetti, and candy
  25. Taped to the wall, surrounded by army men
  26. Dressed in Barbie or GI Joe clothes
  27. Racing with other toy cars and trucks
  28. Print elf accessories to wear
  29. Wrap the toilet in wrapping paper
  30. Playing a board game
  31. BONUS: Roasting marshmallows over a candle jar
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The Review Wire: 30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Playing a GameThe Review Wire: 30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Building LEGOS

How To Get an Elf

Elf on the Shelf is available in a gift set called The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition hardbound children’s book. This set includes one of Santa’s special scout elves (available in dark-skinned boy or girl and light-skinned boy or girl). You can also get Elf his favorite pet in A Reindeer Tradition which comes with a book and a plush reindeer.

What is YOUR favorite Elf on the Shelf idea?

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