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12 Gift Ideas for Your 12-Year-Old Boy

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Twelve-year-old boys are so hard to understand and even harder to please. Buying them a gift is like dismantling a time bomb: cut the wrong cord, and they will blow up in your face. If you buy them toys, they may think it’s too childish, and if you buy them grownup gifts like a wallet, they will think it’s too boring. To save you the horror of facing your twelve-year-old boy’s sad, disappointed, puppy-look, we present you with this carefully selected list of gifts that will excite his childish side without offending his I’m-not-a-baby side.

The Review Wire: 12 Year old Boy Gift Guide

The list is arranged by price range for your convenience:

Price Range: Very Generous

1. Game Console

All 12-year-old boys love video games. If you haven’t already bought him a game console, now is the perfect time for this gift. There are a variety of options out there for you to pick from. There is the Playstation, The Xbox, The Nintendo Wii… etc. Your choice will depend on your budget and how tech-savvy your boy is. You could also go old school with retro game consoles. If he already has a game console, you can always upgrade to a newer version; for example, if he has the PS3, get him the PS4. This a timeless gift that will last with your boy well into his teens and will make him jump up and down with joy.

2. Portable Game Console

So your boy already has a Game Console at home? Why not buy him a “portable” game console? Kids get bored easily on long trips or sitting in waiting areas. Any 12-year-old boy would love the chance to take his games with him on the go. Like the regular game consoles, there are many different brands of portable Consoles to choose from. The Best Handheld Gaming Consoles

3. A Laptop

With all the school work, Facebook, and online games, your kid could use a laptop to keep up with his computer needs without having to share a PC/MAC with his annoying siblings. A lot of kids have laptops these days; it’s a good way to encourage kids to embrace technology. Which: PC Computer or Mac Computer Should You Get?

4. A Mobile Phone

If your kid doesn’t already have a phone, this is the time to get him one. If he has an old one, you can always upgrade to a more high-tech phone with better features. You want to pick a phone with features that would appeal to a 12-year-old, so think: “Storage,” “Camera,” and “Games”! iPhone 11

Price Range: Satisfactory

5. Video Games

Most 12-year-old boys already have a game console. This means they would love the chance to get that new game they have been daydreaming about. Find out what games your kid likes and ask someone at the game-store to help you pick similar games. Or even better take your kid shopping for his new game. Video Game Gift Card

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6. DVDs

Find out what your kid’s favorite show is and buy him a few DVDs or Digital Downloads for their phone from that show. It’s a bit tricky to pick because even though they may love one cartoon, like Naruto, for example (a popular anime show that appeals to most 12-year-olds), they might consider lots of other cartoons childish, so you need to be picky. Tween Movies on Amazon

7. A Sporty Gift (for the Active 12-Year-Old)

If your kid is jumping off the walls and has tons of energy, then, it would be a good idea to buy him a gift that could keep him active. How about a new bike, a skateboard, roller-blades, or a trampoline? Don’t underestimate the effect of such classic gifts on your kid. They provide him with countless hours of fun and a chance to let out his excessive energy.

8. A Scientific Gift (for the Geeky 12-Year-Old)

If your 12-year-old boy is a little genius and has a passion for science, then he would love a scientific set for kids. Those sets could range from a simple potato battery to a full chemistry lab. There are lots of fun topics such as space, plants, perfumes… etc. for you to choose from. A subscription box is a great way to keep the fun lasting 3, 6, or even 12 months! S.T.EM.Subscription Boxes for Tweens

Price Range: Bargain

9. Books

If your kid likes to read or you want to encourage him to read more, a book would be an ideal gift. There are a lot of series out there that are interesting for boys in their early teens, for example, Jeff Kinny or Harry Potter. Holiday Gift Picks 9-12-Year-Olds

10. Take Him on an Exciting Trip

Who said gifts have to be tangible, an exciting trip like an outdoor camping adventure or a trip to an amusement park could work well as a gift. Be sure to include other kids of his age on the trip, or he will get bored.

11. Make Something with Him

Continuing with the” intangible” trait of thought, why not build something with him? If you know your way around tools, you can build a small cabinet for him for storage, for example. Or you can bake a cake with him, which seems like a far shot for boys, but you’d be surprised. Most boys enjoy baking, especially the part where they decorate the cake. It’s fun, and you get to spend some quality time with him.

12. Money

Even though to most grown-ups, cash would be interpreted as an unoriginal and completely impersonal gift, to a 12-year-old boy, it means more freedom to buy what he wants. The good news is what may seem like petty cash to you, will appear like a huge sum of money to your kid. So if you’re short on time and resources, just give him some cash.

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