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10 Super Easy Halloween Treats

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Halloween is upon us and young and old alike look forward to sneaking a treat…or three. Make it a “spook”tacular Halloween season by combining store-bought items with a few moments of prep time.

10 Super Easy Halloween Treats

The following Halloween treats are not only easy to make, but fun to eat!

1 – Spooky Hand – Take a latex glove, preferably clear or opaque and fill with candies. Then tie the top with fun Halloween ribbon. Place a plastic spider on the ring finger.

2 – Edible “Witches Brooms” – Unwrap miniature Reece’s cups, place upside down and insert a mini pretzel stick into the bottom of the Reece’s cup.

3- Monster Cookies – Make sugar cookies but before you bake, sort into several bowls and add food coloring (think blood red, pumpkin orange, ghoulish green) then place candy eyeballs all over the cookies as soon as they come out of the oven.

Rice Krispie Pumpkins

Image Provided by Rice Krispies

4 – Rice Krispie Pumpkins – Make Rice Krispies as normal but place orange food dye into the mix. Once they have cooled, roll into balls. Then take a mini Tootsie Roll, bend slightly and press into the top for the stem. Or if you prefer, a green gumdrop for the stem.  Optional, place preferred candy mini in the center of the ball!

5 – Devilish Doughnuts – Place Vampire Fangs inside the center of the doughnut and add 2 or even 3 candy eyes on top!

6 – Halloween Party Sticks – Dunk pretzel rods 1/3 of the way into orange, green, purple or preferred color of candy melts. You could also use white chocolate! Then cover with Halloween sprinkles.

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Pumpkin Face

7 – Pumpkin Oranges – Now this is super easy! Draw pumpkin faces on the top of mandarin orange cups with a black sharpie. One variation is to use green Jello cups. Turn upside down and draw Frankenstein on the side. This is great for class parties. It’s easy, cute and portable!

8 –  Monster Munch – Mix together Chex Mix (you can use Cheerios or other preferred cereal), M&M’s, candy corn, Mellowcreme Pumpkins, peanuts, popcorn, and pretzels…. or any combination of these! For fun, you could also add gummy worms or candy eyes.

Chocolate Pretzel Bite

Image Provided by Recipeshoebox.blogspot

9 – Chocolate Pretzel Bites – Place square pretzels on baking pan, top with a Hershey Kiss. Bake at 275 for 2-3 minutes (just until Kisses are soft). Remove from oven and place one Halloween colored M&M on top of the Kiss until it is flattened, just until the Kiss fills the pretzel. Refrigerate for a few minutes until the chocolate hardens.

Oreo Spiders

Image Provided by Pillsbury

10 – Oreo Spiders – Take black licorice lace and cut into strips about 4 inches long. Twist open the cookie and place the “legs” into the icing. Take candy melt and add a bit to “glue” the legs into place. Replace the top cookie. Take candy melts and place a small dot on the top of the cookie and the press candy eyes (or mini M&M) into the icing to “glue” them on.

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